Get ME Fit: 21 Day Challenge

   Are you ready to make that change?

Are you ready to start working towards that fitness goal?
Are you?
It's time to stop procrastinating.
Time to stop pushing it "'til tommorow."

Time to stop making excuses.
Time to stop putting yourself, your body, YOU....last!
Time to make time for YOU.

You only get ONE body.
It's time to get fit, and treat the only body you have RIGHT!
The Rules:
1. For 21 consecutive days, you commit yourself to at least 30 minutes of physical activity.

2. You wear a visual reminder on your wrist (Get Me Fit 21 day challenge Band)

3. 21 consecutive days means 21 consecutive days.
- No off days, no 2 a days to make up for a missed day, etc...

4. If you miss a day, you start over and switch the band to the other wrist.
- If you miss a day, you start back at Day 1.
- Goal is to not take the band off or switch wrists until AFTER the 21 day challenge

5. 30 minutes means high intensity activity/exercise.
-Activity or exercise(s) that raise your heart rate above the resting or normal rate

6. It's a challenge because it's not supposed to be CHALLENGE yourself!
- If 30 minutes is easy., push yourself to 45 min. or add a nutrition challenge along with it.
(drinking at least 4 water bottles a day, no sweets, etc.)
nly as successful as focused and p your eye on the prize.
In this's YOU and YOUR body!
1. Find an accountability partner.
- Friends, significant others, co-workers make great accountability partners!
 Especially the the ones who are around you when you feel the least motivated!

2. Visual Motivation
- Put a picture or phrase somewhere that you always look at on a daily basis.
If you SEE it, it will motivate you more than just thinking about it.
For example; a photo of when you felt great about yourself or your body.

3. Journal your progress
- This will help you track your progress, and even record what you struggled with.
 It's an outlet, so let it out!!

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